Monday, November 24, 2014

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Namor Invents A New Power!

It's 1939, and Namor is skulking about New York City, spying on us "murderous humans." But even then, Namor was a fashion plate:

Lesson, kiddies:

Don't smoke, and if you do, don't make your dress out of flash paper!

Welp, now he's done it.

But it's the Golden Age, so it's perfectly acceptable for Namor to pull a brand new power completely out his ass:

Let's see Aquaman do that!!

Even make then, Namor had the gracious manners of a prince:

Oh, Sub-Mariner!!

From Marvel Mystery Comics #2 (1939)

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George Chambers said...

Sweet Kirby, what was that woman's dress made of? Cellophane?