Saturday, November 29, 2014

Luthor Is As Smart As The Lamest Daredevil Villains!

So, just how smart is Lex Luthor, actually?

Let's watch as he becomes dissatisfied with reform school:

Wow, congratulations, Lex. You're as smart as Leap-Frog.

Keep aiming high, Lex! Next thing you know, Luthor will come up with hydraulic stilts or a helmet that shoots "opti-blasts."

DC--where the most brilliants inventions of the most brilliant criminals are just knock-offs of lame gimmicks of class D Marvel goombas...

From Superman: The Secret Years #1 (1985)


SallyP said...

It would have been a lot funnier if he just broke both of his ankles.

The Mutt said...

What's the deal with Smallville? They have so many Juvies they need a high rise to contain them? They are over-run with gangsters and bank robbers? And the town is infested with scientists doing earth-threatening experiments. I thought it was a little farm town in Kansas. If not for Superboy, it would be a crater in the earth. Good thing he landed there, eh?

Captain Blog said...

Actually, I think you are looking at it backward. This was just a one-off escape method made from scraps for Lex, whereas LeapFrog made it his whole career. Lex stands as a genius! I win!