Monday, November 10, 2014

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--The One Thing That Has Been Wrong With Every Fantastic Four Movie!!

As you may recall, for a very brief period in 1976, Ben Grimm was transformed back into a normal human, and because the Fantastic Four's incorporated status legally required them to have four super-powered members (oh, Roy...), Reed came up with an exo-skeleton for Ben to wear...

OK, here's the most important panel:

"You always did, old buddy."

The Thing had always moved a "bit jerky, like somethin' out of a Harryhausen flick!" Always!!

See, that's what attempts to make Fantastic Four movies have missed. Screw the costumes, to heck with CGI. Ben Grimm should be moving around like some of these guys:

See? That's how you make a movie with the Thing in it!!

Roy Thomas and Reed Richards tell us how the Thing really moves in Fantastic Four #171 (1976), which was the first comic that I ever bought for myself, and thus is responsible for the past 7+ years of shenanigans at this site....


SallyP said...

My GOD, but Reed is a jerk!

Sina said...

Y'know what? That's EXACTLY IT! :D Just like the Rockbiters in the Neverending Story!