Monday, November 17, 2014

Manic Monday--The Incredible Danger of Being A Science-Fiction Writer!

Apparently, in you produced science fiction in the 1950's, you were a god amongst men:

Especially this guy:

Well, that's a tough problem to have. Hrd life, guys.

But actually, sci-fi writers have a much bigger problem, For, at a gathering of the field's top writers, some uninvited guests show up to kind of kidnap them all!



No, Tom, that kind of declaration will get you killed!

But the "wise beyond human understanding" aliens aren't buying denials!

It's Tom's turn to be brain-scanned...and he doubles down on the "we predict everything, foolish mortals" strategy:

So Tom channels all the best ScyFy originals he can think of...

Remember, these were supposed to be "wise" aliens...

Still, we have a moral:

But was those same human minds and imaginations that put themselves in danger in the first place!!

Anyway, that's surely why we don't have our flying cars yet--then aliens would once again believe that science-fiction writers could predict the future, and invade!! They're keeping jetpacks and space travel from us--to save their own lives!!

Or not...

From Fantastic Worlds #5 (1952). Yes, the art is by Alex Toth...

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