Thursday, November 27, 2014

I'm Thankful They're Not On The Title Anymore

It's probably too obvious to bring up again...

...but the fact that Millar and Hitch thought this cover scene to be "lame," and felt obliged to ironically trumpet their disdain with a "look at us being too cool for the room" caption, pretty much explains why their Fantastic Four run itself was lame.

Just sayin.'

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Fantastic Four #564 was from 2009


Tim Knight said...

Thank you. That was the worst run on the Fantastic Four for years. We should give thanks that it is now history, and best forgotten!

SallyP said...

Hmmm...good point. God forbid we should show them being a family and...happy for a few seconds.

Sina said... :o

Really? I can't *believe* that this came from:

A. Marvel, one of the biggest, largest and leading comic companies in the world, with a great & sizeable fanbase.

B. one of Marvel's flagship titles that has *always* been one of their hearts of family and friendship.


C. anybody, ANYWHERE in ANY editorial office in ANY part of the world!

Sure, maybe as a sly dig in some off-beat modernic/post-modernic adult "graphic novel" by someone working out their awkward *issues* in pen-&-ink form, then choosing to publish it for shits and giggles or something (I dunno, some of these adult-ish "graphic novels" go right over my head, or right between my legs...either way, they escape me), but again, not in 'The Fastastic Four' by the Marvel Comics Corp.


Nevermind that it's supposed to champion home, family, friendship, etc. but that it's also a homage(-turned-parody, I guess?) to other large pieces of Americana as Norman Rockwell and the 'Freedom From Want', which stems from the "Four Freedoms" that were born out of WWII and delivered via US President Franklin Deleano Roosevelt's 1941 State of the Union Address, and which are supposed to be among the things that are fundamental and universal to all human beings, and which the heroes inside these covers are supposed to be standing for and upholding (ie: Fantastic Four/Four Freedoms/Four Freedoms Plaza, etc), then the whole thing starts to become downright off-putting and even somewhat snide.

Seriously, that this was greenlit at all in anyway by anybody seems...well, mostly in poor taste, I guess (and there's no faulting for that, is there?).


Either way, I'm glad that, now, partially because of Disney ownership, Marvel almost expressly caters to younger and/or family-friendly audiences because, for better or for worse, Disney *always* puts their characters first (case in point, pre-Diz Galactus was a faceless cloud in the FF movie, while post-Diz Thanos and even Ronan the Accuser are fully realized characters) and that is singularly simply the *BEST* thing that could've ever happened to the Marvel stable of heroes, imo.

Captain Blog said...

If that's lame, I'll take it!