Sunday, November 16, 2014

Name Is Destiny, Chapter XXVII!

Most folks don't remember that when Moondragon first appeared, she was portrayed as a straight-up villain, a mad scientist only interested in experimenting upon Earthlings for her own demented purposes (and creating a few super-villains, as well):

This was her first appearance, and trust me, there didn't seem to be a lot of "Avenger" potential here.

Oh, yeah, and she a great name:

Oh, yeah, and she's barking mad:

And she's a sore loser:

She went on to create a whole passel of super-villains for Daredevil to fight during his first stay in San Francisco. Because evil.

Yeah, yeah, in one of the quicker retcons in human history, she was "under the influence of The Dragon of The Moon," "she was really trying to create allies to fight Thanos," "she was ceceived by an evil human lawyer," blahbitty blah blah...

The bottom line is, when you name yourself Madame MacEvil, you're probably evil. I'm just saying...

From Iron Man #54 (1973)


Mista Whiskas said...

Is Moondragon's outfit not the most over the top sexist outfit of all time?

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's what drove her to villainy.