Saturday, November 9, 2013

Talking Nazi Dogs!!

So, I'm just rummaging around and come across this...

"The Talking Dog"?!? Yeah, that can't be true...

Well, then, I guess it must be. Tell me more, comic book!

1937? In Germany?!? do realize that this makes him a Nazi talking dog, right?

So, how does Kurwenal communicate??

Not to be skeptical, but that's an awful lot of barks. And as it's in German, and knowing how long many German words are, that's got to be an unholy amount of barking!!

Well, duh. You hardly need a dog to talk to know that he likes cheese...

Nazi generals investigating talking dogs?!?

"Long conversations" consisting of one barking out one letter at a time? Even the simplest conversation would consist of hundreds, or thousands, of barks! The neighbors would call the cops!!

Look, the thing is, the story is least, there was a dog (in fact, several dogs) that a lot of people thought could "talk"--indeed, there was a book published a couple of years back that claimed that the Nazi government, and Hitler himself, were pushing a research program to teach dogs to talk (and use telepathy!!) to function as spies, and Kurwenal and his owner may have been part of a government sponsored program!

Now, before we get too carried away, the author himself says there probably wasn't much actual "talking" going on.

Still...talking Nazi dogs!!!! We should have had those in an Indiana Jones movie...

From Unusual Tales #17 (1959)


SallyP said...

My dog talks too. And if you don't get her to the yard in time, it's your own fault.

Paul said...

Yeah, but can they throw doorknobs?