Monday, November 18, 2013

Manic Monday Double Bonus--The REAL Reason For The Weather This Weekend!

As you may have heard, there was some violent weather in the Midwest yesterday. But you probably don't know the real reason.

Our story starts, as all stories must, in a Berlin hotel...

Yes, he refuses to associate with Nazis--a point the story labors to make more than once:

Well, the Prussian general (Storm Von Kloud by name) may have disliked the Nazis, but he agreed to do their dirty work and try and smash America for a distinction without a difference?

Perhaps. They did have Von Cloud as the villain of all 4 stories this issue. Perhaps they were trying to position our Prussian as a long-term continuing character, and thought that distancing him from the worst of the Nazis might have made him more viable.

Whatever the reasoning, Von Kloud launches a surprise attack on Chicago--or, rather, a it would have been a surprise attack if Captain Midnight hadn't been on the job!


Tidal wave?!?

Yes, while many Chicagoans were cowering in their basements because of tornado warnings, they missed the true danger: Lake Michigan was about to swallow your city!!

How could this happen?!?


Midnight catches up to the Nazi Prussian for a confrontation...


But what about the tidal wave?

Fortunately, Captain Midnight has come up with two magic potions scientific formulas to save the day: Chicago is the Titanic...


So next time, don't worry about a stray severe storm or two...if Chicago can survive a tidal wave, it can survive anything!!

From Captain Midnight #14 (1943)

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Martin Gray said...

That's some rather stunning SCIENCE right there. Someone should revive Icky, the world needs him.

Von Storm sounds like an alternate universe FF character.