Monday, November 25, 2013

Manic Monday Triple Overtime: Irrefutable Proof That Riverdale Is In The DC Universe!

Hell yes!!

I've finally found the Rosetta Stone that proves the unprovable: that Riverdale is actually in the DC Universe!!

We start here, as Archie has a hot date with Betty. Except there's one big problem:

"Wait!!" you protest. "What the hell does this have to do with Riverdale being in the DC Universe?"

You interrupted one panel too early, young padawan. Observe:

"Grxtplxz"?? GRXTPLXZ?!?!?!

Clearly Betty's father is from the 5th dimension!! Why else would he say Grxtplxz (let alone know how to pronounce it?)?

And Betty would know that "It's not good whenever Daddy says 'GRXTPLXZ!'" Obviously, he's a refugee, hiding on Earth...but saying his true fifth-dimensional name summons up his "magical" powers, and now he shall bedevil Archie. At least until Archie can trick him into saying "zxlptxrg."

Go ahead--prove that any of that isn't true!!

From Archie #66 (1954)

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