Thursday, November 7, 2013

Great Moments In WTF Covers--Daredevil Comics #27

Sometimes you just look at a comic book cover and just go, "What in the Sam Hill is going on here?!?"

This is one such cover:

Let me mention that, in the actual story...

A) No beautiful and somewhat exposed damsel is tortured...a man is their victim, as the bad guys try to find out where some stolen jewels are.

B) While the bad guys are about to give him the "Iron Foot," they never actually do so. They do use the whip in the story, though.

C) Our torturers were neither bare-chested nor behooded. They were suits and ties!

D) Yes, Daredevil's young pals, the Little Wise Guys, do indeed participate in the beating up of armed Nazi spies. Yes, some of them do use boomerangs.

I'm glad I was able to clear up any confusion.

Daredevil Comics #27 is from 1944.

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gummboote said...

Bait and switch! But it's a great cover, at least.