Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Golden Age idol--Pat Patriot!!

It's time once again to play Golden Age Idol, wherein we try to find worthy (and hopefully public domain) Golden Age heroes to revive in the present (to hopefully make us lots of money!).

Today, a gal with no powers, no real origin, no real gimmick--just a snazzy accidental wardrobe and a pair of fists!!


So the Spirit of 1941 is "similar" to the Spirit of '76? Don't ask, because we get no elaboration. We just get:

Pat Patriot!!

Pat Patrios--the most convenient civilian name ever, as she only has to change one letter--is fired from her job at a defense plant by her evil foreman (spoiler alert--he's a Nazi!). Yet Pat is tough...


She almost single-handedly takes out a group of nazi smugglers/saboteurs, and the authorities are impressed:

And hence was born...

Well, she is female, which really is about as far as the Joan Of Arc comparison goes. Still, let's not ruin a good thing with quibbles!

During her short, 10-issue life, Pat's adventures never had a lot of consistency. Different logos, different costumes, different artists...and her adventures were all over the place as well--one issue she's fighting cattle rustlers in the west, next she's underwater fighting amorous octopi--but almost always, Nazis were involved.

Which leads to the greatest comic story in the history of humanity:

Pat agrees to star in the floor show at the grand opening of a new night club (all proceeds going to the defense effort, of course).

But some spies get wind of the show...

Yes, the future of the Third Reich depends on stopping one woman doing song and dance. Really.

Look, no one said they were smart spies.


Holy crap!! Those lyrics!! "Their cup of blood/our mouth shall sip"!?!?!?!?!?!?!

No wonder the Nazis are upset!


And the crowd agrees:

And after the show, song gangsters try to steal the box office take. But not when Pat Patriot is on the scene!


No super-powers, no possession/inspiration by ancient ancestors, no tragic origin, no secret identity...just a woman with an outfit and two fists!! Enemies of America, beware!!

Look, we got an attractive hero, an easy concept without a lot of baggage, AND she can sing and dance!! Why the hell hasn't she been revived already? Reprints aside, she hasn't made a single appearance since 1942, for heaven's sake!!

So someone get on the stick, and bring back Pat Patriot!! (And don't forget my finder's fee!)

From Daredevil Comics #2 (1941) and #10 (1942)


Oculus Orbus said...

Boy, nothing beats that genuine Nazi smell. That's the smell of quality.

SallyP said...

Whatever would comics have done without Nazis?

The gift that keeps giving.