Wednesday, November 27, 2013

If Only Congress Were More Like This...

And then there was the day that the hot Congressperson from Gotham picked her father up at the airport:

You know you wish your district's U.S. Representative dressed that way, don't you?

And when someone guns down a paroled hood right in front of them, she has a plan:

Well, you're damned glad that your Congressperson has funky taste in undergarments, right?

It doesn't take Batgirl long to track down...

So what does the motorcycle-driving-and-surprisingly-good-looking-House-Of-Representatives-member do?



No, wait!! 

No, really, wait!!!!

Seriously, hold on a minute!!

OK, time out!!! 

*"Gangdom's most deadly hit lady" only ever uses one gun...and if you take it away, she's helpless?

*Diamond Lilly krazy glues a diamond to her revolver for each successful hit?!? Wouldn't that be, oh, I dunno, a CLUE you could use to convict her??

*Batgirl has "seen that diamond-studded pistol before"? Did you just let her get away then? Why isn't she in jail?

*Commissioner Gordon keeps a box of blanks on him as a "hobby"...even at the airport?!? TSA, where are you?!? And what the hell kind of "hobby" is that??

*"Gangdom's most deadly hit lady" believes that, after going to such lengths to seize it, Batgirl just dropped the gun? And Lilly doesn't notice that she's firing blanks? What, she thinks the supposed bullets are just passing through Batgirl?!? Does she believe that she's suddenly a terrible shot?

Oh, DC...

From Batman Family #4 (1976)

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Martin Gray said...

I don't remembe this one, which is weird, cos it's so darn good.

Actually, motor chases in comics are usually rubbish, but this seems paced rather well.

Capes and bat-bikes, though. I worry ...