Thursday, April 25, 2013

Now That's What I Call A Teaser!!

This week fans were enthralled by the revelation of new Thor info:

Oh, dear, that's not what I meant!! Avert thine eyes!!!

From this week's Journey Into Mystery #651. Please refrain from the obvious "hammer" jokes.


SallyP said...

Yes...Thor IS just that awesome.

Sina said...

It's also stupid, pointless, childish and asinine :# the warriors that Thor and company fall into would most definitely not have any misgivings over the nakedness of their bodies or the sight of anothers' whatsoever...most one-sex groupings (especially formalized as in warriors, military, boarding schools, etc) usually devolve the aversion to seeing each other nude to the point where walking around naked or very-barely clothed is no longer an issue (I think most people who've had to take showers after high school gym class or at summer camps or in public exercise facilities can attest to that).

The fact that the writer here instead uses it as the punchline to a lame, retarded "omg, i just saw Thor's wiener" joke shows that it comes from a completely different and almost non-sensical angle...almost like having a 13 year-old character asking for some Preparation H because their hemorrhoids are acting up again :P