Monday, April 8, 2013

Manic Life--2500th Post Non-Spectacular!


This is Post # 2500. Eat your heart out, Detective Comics!!

I find that I have nothing terribly profound to say to mark the occasion.

Over the 5 3/4 years that I've been putting out this low-tech cowtown blog, somehow my productivity has actually increased, as the number of posts I crank out seems to go up annually.

Why? Because I freakin' love comic books. New, old, paper, digital, hardbound, newspaper strip, mental chip download (just you wait...)--I love 'em all. And I still have as my life goal to read every comic book ever....which explains my inability to leave the Quarter Bin alone.

What comes next? More inane hijinx, more mockery, more attempts to revive ridiculous Golden Age heroes, more bemoaning stupid crossover events and stupid companies and stupid poopy trends like $4 comics, more obsessing over ridiculously miniscule points...and more celebrating the joy that is comic books.

So stick around...I ain't going anywhere, until I dig out the last comic from the last longbox. I speculate that should keep me going at least until Post #16,000 or so...


Siskoid said...

#16000 should be what, sometime next year? There's probably a chance you can beat me to #5000 (ok, maybe not, but I'll give you three months to try).

As long as the love sustains you, you can do no wrong and I'll keep dropping by.

SallyP said...


googum said...

And congratulations too!