Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bad Things Happen When Youy Ignore Stan's Advice

From the letters page of Fantastic Four #88 (1969), shortly after the birth of Franklin Richards:

Don't worry, Linda Johnson, Franklin growing up too fast wouldn't be a problem...44 years later, still not a problem...

But the portion I highlighted in Stan's response has me interested. I must find this issue--presumably a DC comic--where a child was born and "became a super-sized menace all in the space of one uninspired issue" (ah, nobody sticks the shiv like Stan...). A DC comic prior to (cover date) July 1968 with a baby being born and then running amok...the hunt is on!! (Suggestions are welcome, of course!)

Fortunately, Marvel followed Stan's advice, and never ever did a story where a child was born and became a full-sized threat in the same issue...

Why didn't you people listen to Stan?!?!?!??


Siskoid said...

And he remembers it VIVIDLY too... Possibly in the last few years before 1968?

Narrowing it down.


and forty-fifty years later,when Franklin Richards should well beyond grown up,he is still a child.
as the Avengers,I still think is about one of biggest crap stories about a woman getting pregnant and having an adult kid-right there with same that happaned on Star Trek