Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Everyone Needs An Arch-Enemy

By now you all know of my unhealthy obsession with The Sorceress Of Zoom, the Golden Age anti-hero who was totally badass, magically.

But even an anti-hero needs someone to fight, right? Well, how about the wicked Wizard of Zoro?

Ummm...Zoro, what kind of "work" can frogs do for you?

Oh, OK...still, I think leaving them as people might have been more efficient for log-hauling purposes. [editor's note: these are magic frogs, snell!]

And Zoro could be a real dickweed with the ladies:

What a jerk.

Well, the Sorceress proposes an alliance...

...Zoro responds with a move that makes no sense whatsoever:

Well, I'm not sure how that shows her how tough you are, bro. Plus, who's going to haul your logs now?

Then the Sorceress manipulates Zoro into restoring Jimmy, and...

What. A. Lightweight. Zoro is no Gandalf, is all I'm saying...

From Weird Comics #4 (1940)

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SallyP said...

And then the mice attack and eat him.