Monday, April 1, 2013

Manic Monday--Insane Narrator!

You know, Mike Friedrich might have been the most 70s writer ever.

I mean, there's this panel--which I've already re-run several times-- which is just wondrous:

But then there are these, from when Iron Man was fighting Green Lantern Doctor Spectrum:

Let's blow those captions up, shall we?

And as the fight ends...

 "You ain't gonna do nuthin', baby!"


Sheer 70s perfection, baby!!

The first panel is from Iron Man #71 (1974), the rest are from Iron Man #66 (1974)


SallyP said...

I...there are simply no words.

Hube said...

As one who possesses a complete IM collection, I absolutely LOVE those Friedrich issues! Along with Tuska's pencils, that was an era of Stark-Iron Man self-confidence and pure bad-assery!!