Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Night Fights--Big Green Cheese Style!!

In this week's Friday Night Fights, we find out that cheese can come in many colors:


It turns out that Dr. Sivana managed to "split" Captain Marvel's lightning bolt into "two forks," with the result that Sivana received all of the "good qualities" and powers from the Elders. And what did Billy Batson get?

Ouch. And please, no jokes about how that sounds a lot like the nu52's Billy Batson--the wounds are still raw.

So "Captain Sivana" kicks Captain Marvel's ass. He then decides that there's only one being in all the universes who could potentially stop him--Superman. So he takes off for Earth-1 to preemptively squash the Man Of Steel.

Unforunately, Sivana isn't too good on navigating with the Rock Of Eternity yet, and he ends up on Earth-2, where he has to tangle with a different Superman...


Don't worry, the Earth-1 Superman shows up, and Marvel gets his powers back, and the Wizard wakes up and depowers Sivana. All is good in the end!!

Spacebooger believes this would have been a much better story had they just called Captain Marvel "Shazam" through the whole tale...

Sivana gets to brag to his fellow prisoners that he whupped Superman in DC Comics Presents Annual #3 (1984), by Roy Thomas (story, "with an assist from Julius Schwartz and Gil Kane"), Joey Cavalieri (script), and Gil Kane (art)

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