Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some Covers Can't Be Saved By The Caption

Why, yes, I can see that. It does indeed appear most exciting.

Of course, if they had picked a somewhat more exciting cover shot than four dudes walking down a runway, you wouldn't have needed the caption to tell folks it was exciting.

As with most of the Dell/Gold Key TV adaptation comics, they just used whatever publicity stills the studio provided. Still, you'd think that they could have found something--anything!!--more interesting than that shot, especially for the debut issue. Oh, well, I guess every TV comic couldn't have a cover this fantastic.

Still, you have to approve the cover logo Dell came up with:

That's pretty appears to be maybe somewhat kinda based on the logo the show did use during parts of it's 2 1/2 seasons:

Oh, Quinn Martin, don't ever change...

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