Monday, April 9, 2012

Manic Monday--Questions, I Got Questions

**So, roughly 12 seconds after being resurrected, Odin has bailed on everyone again, mostly because no one really seems what to do with him. And now "Asgardia" is ruled over by the troika of Idunn, Freyja and Gaea.

Wait, Gaea? I know she has some ties to Marvel's Asgard, what with being Thor's mother and all. But she has strong ties to other Marvel mythologies, as well--she's helping protect Earth from the Celestials, empowering Hercules during the Chaos War, defending Earth against Dormammu, cursing the Defenders, protecting Earth against Egyptian snake gods...yes, these all happened. Plus, she presumably has some ongoing duties as Earth Goddess and all. So, isn't she kinda busy to be running Asgard, too?

Yeah, yeah, I know, goddess, well-nigh infinite powers, time works differently, avatars, yada yada., you'd think the Asgardians might have something to say about this non-Asgardian brought in to rule over them...(of course, given the dearth of Asgardian females, they didn't have many other options than outsourcing if they wanted a troika. Valkeryie was kinda busy. Sif becoming a queen of Asgardia might have made for some interesting stories, though...)

**Remember the first story arc of the latest volume of Avengers? Where they spent 6 issues sorts kinda fighting Kang? And lots of characters and creatures were time-displaced? And they all got put back *except* Killraven? Remember how he was know stuck in present day Marvel-616?

It's almost 2 years later, and I don't think that's been so much as mentioned anywhere. Even Bendis seems to have forgotten.

So. What do you think that Killraven has been up to? Just hangin' around the ESPN Zone in New York? Got a job? Hiding during Fear Itself?

And with Killraven taken from the future, do the Martians now win? Way to go, Bendis...

**Hmmm...when Flash expends too much Speed Force energy, wormholes form and stuff gets displaced in time and space. Apparently, though, no one noticed this for the five years that Barry has been in action. And apparently it never happened during a Justice League case.

Damn, I guess Barry was just coasting all those years...

**Remember when Green Lanterns were Space Cops, dealing with Space Crime and Space Villains in their sectors?

I'll admit, I'm not reading the GL mags right now, but as far as I can tell they've spent the past 5 years or so doing nothing but fighting other colored Lantern Corps, or each other.

All I'm sayin' is, there must be a lot of happy Space Criminals out there, because the Space Cops are too busy with their color-coded silliness to stop Space Bank Robbers and Space Hitlers and stuff...

**When the FRAK is someone going to get off their butts and get all the clearances settled so the Batman '66 TV series can be released for home video?!? I swear to Odin Idunn, Freyja and Gaea that the first presidential candidate to promised me this gets my vote...

**Speaking of which, I would pay real money if it's revealed that Batman '66 is really a member of Batman Inc. That Bruce Wayne picked someone to be the Batman of Latvia or something, but, as in the Star Trek episode A Piece Of The Action, the locals get waaay to into it and decide to base their entire culture on their skewed understanding of Gotham City...Come on, Grant...


Stephen said...

"A Batman Of Action"...genius. Everything is canon, right?

I have given up on GL. I keep losing my color wheel. Obviously a great time to be a space car thief. I imagine Lobo has set himself up as an intergalactic crime boss. Sounds interesting. one is writing about it.

-semi spoiler alert-
I am just about ready to drop Avengers. That Kang timeline thing seemed cool..and then it went nowhere. The most recent issues had Cap at Hydra's mercy...then he literally parachutes in to save the day. "Just read seventeen other Avengers titles to find out how and why!"


Anonymous said...

Interestingly, Killraven's modern-day counterpart has been shown with MI-13 as a pupil of Shang-Chi's. What would happen if they met up, I wonder?