Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Night Fights--Natalie Portman Style!!

It's Friday Night Fights time again, but I'm still computerless, and let me tell you, doing this on a phone is a pain in the bloomers. So allow me to be brief.

Lois Lane is good buddies with Nadia Romonava, a ballerina from "Eastern Europe" who its trying to defect. Lois has gotten her asylum, but her lover, Ilya, is still being held.

Obvious solution, Lois Lane style? Knock out the Prima Ballerina and take her place as the lead in that night's performance of Swan Lake. Yes, really. Hey, she did have "years of lessons."

After making contract AND wowing the audience, it's time for the getaway. Except it's never that easy:

Spacebooger wishes that Black Swan had been more like this...

Gerry Conway, Bob Orange and Vince Colletta show off the beauty of ballet in Superman Family #202 (1980).

Now go to and vote. And pray for them to finally get the parts in for my computer...

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SallyP said...

That was amazing. If the Black Swan had been like this, I...I would have watched it!