Thursday, April 12, 2012

Puzzling, Captain

Since I recently waxed poetic about cheap jigsaw puzzles based on Superman and Batman, it's only fair I do the same about these:

Do tell...

Actually, if go and hunt up a bigger, color image on Google, the title is "Battle On The Planet Romulon." Which, of course, is not at all the same thing as Romulus. So, boo, lying ad. But hell, you've got Spock in a freaking jetpack fighting dinosaurs--who the hell needs Romulans??

I couldn't find a clearer picture of this one anywhere. Maybe that means it's an ultra-rare collector's item! But really, you don't need one...because who wouldn't want the riveting "just hangin' around the bridge" puzzle form?

Again with the odd monster attacks on the putative homeworld of a Federation adversary? Like the Klingons and Romulans aren't threat enough??

Ad from Creepy #77 (1976)

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Martin Gray said...

I rather like Sue Storm in the colour version of that first jigsaw.