Saturday, April 28, 2012


As we deal with a wave of violence in sports today, we find that, as per usual, Jack Kirby predicted it all. Or, as we like to say in these parts:


Yes, Captain America had to participate in...KILL-DERBY!!

Why? Well, it's a long story (MadBomb, anyone?), but the bottom line is:

True, we cannot let the shield participate in something that will make it a symbol of shame...uhh, please nobody tell 1976 Cap about Civil War, OK??

So, to rescue the shield, Cap and Falcon have to join on of the teams in the sport of the future (no, not kickboxing):

Motorized skateboards? OK, but what else does this sport bring us?

So, yeah, lots of rampant devices, and death, and cheating. Still...

...Kill-Derby is still slightly less violent than the NHL...

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SallyP said...

My God, but Cap has an enormous behind! Nevertheless, I've always loved how Kirby drew him looking demented all of the time.

And that IS one heck of a sport they have there...although perhaps a step or two behind Girl's Field Hockey.