Tuesday, April 10, 2012

These All Make More Sense Than Aliens Vs. Predators

To hell with Amalgamations, alternate worlds or other stuff...these are just straight up Marvel/DC crossovers I want to see:

**Nightwing Vs. The Circus Of Crime

**Killraven meets J'onn J'onzz

**Kid Eternity Vs. Thanos (and throw in Nekron, if you must)

**The Mandrill Vs. Wonder Woman

**Batman Vs. Arcade. I can't tell you badly I want to see this one...

Hmmm, this list is mostly DC heroes vs. Marvel villains. I'm not sure what to make of that...

**Black Bolt Vs. Sonar

**Ka-Zar vs. Grodd

If you don't want to see all of these, you are dead to me...


Notintheface said...


You'll love this blog above. It's FILLED with ideas like that.

Bill D. said...

I've wanted to see a Thing/Marvel Family team-up for a while now. I think Benjy would be a surprisingly good fit on Earth-S, and would also be ecstatic that he could probably still get cigars and ice cream sodas at the drug store (that'd have to still be the case there, right?)

SallyP said...

I want to see ALL of these!

I also want to see Wolverine vs the Green Lantern Corps...where they'll all just yawn, pick him up and throw him into the sun or something.

Mitchell Craig said...

Kitty Pryde and Batgirl for the win!

Stephen said...

Batman vs. Arcade is a perfect match.

Fantastic Four vs. Brainiac.
Thor vs. Darkseid.
Spider-Man vs. Riddler.

notintheface said...

Daredevil vs. Count Vertigo