Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Who Needs Aquaman?

So I'm looking at one of those ads in a mid-70s comics...one of those hawking super-hero themed geegaws and ephemera, like Colorform sets and plastic banks. You know, the type of ad that was so cheap they just hand-drawn depictions of all of the goods, as opposed actual photographs.

And they had jigsaw puzzles. And the sample they choose to show us?

Superman punching a shark. SUPERMAN PUNCHING A SHARK!!!

I'd buy that for $1.49 + 39¢ postage & handling!!

A brief internet search failed to turn up a picture of the completed puzzle, but here's a shot of the can it came in, with the actual puzzle art, including additional details, such as a drowning Lois...and MORE SHARKS!!

Oh, there were more puzzles in that ad:

Batman and Superman fight a prehistoric monster?!? Fortunately, that one I could find a full picture of:

Again, not too shabby for under 2 bucks.

Ad appeared in The Witching Hour #64 (1976)

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Sina said...

"DOWN GOES SHARKIE! DOWN GOES SHARKIE!!! With Superman in a neutral corner, down goes SHARKIE!!!"