Friday, March 2, 2012

Perry White--The Early Years!!

Don't call this guy chief!!

This is the cover to the first of three Dell comics adapting the ABC TV show "Target: The Corruptors" that ran for one season back in 1961-62.

No, I had never heard of the show before today, either.

A couple of notes:

**Man, that is a pretty cool title and logo. Can someone throw whoever owns the right a few bucks and use it for a comic today? Well??

**Every title should have a colon in it...

**The show featured crusading reporter Paul Marino and his "undercover agent" Jack Flood as they infiltrated Mob operations (and wrote stories about it). I can only presume from that cover photo that Marino pounded his desk a lot during the show's 35 episodes.

**This particular comic is issue #1306 (1962). Don't get me started on Dell's numbering...

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