Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Badmouthing Marmaduke

Pathetic Golden Age hero Green Mask is trying to sneak into a madman's compound, when:

Uh oh!
Wait...are all Great Danes "devil dogs," or just these two? You're defaming a whole breed, dude!!

OK, I am fairly befuddled. "Old law of stick and fang"?? I'll admit, I'm in the dark on that one...anyone got any clue?

The "brains" part might be debatable...

Hey!! Unkind!!
Wait--the guy has no super powers, and he just used up his only stick!! Get your ass back there and kill him, devil dog!!!

[editor's note--yes, I know when Green Mask got his own title, they retconned his origin to give him powers--yes, they were retconning even in 1940--but at this point he was just a guy in a goofy mask, a dumb name, and an occasional stick]

Sigh...you just can't train good attack dogs these days...

From Mystery Men Comics #13 (1940). Yes, Mystery Men. So maybe Bob Burden should just chill.


SallyP said...

They were also pretty small for Great Danes. He was...he was fighting puppies! With a stick!

Bad bad Mask Guy!

Anonymous said...

They look more like hyenas.