Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mombo Dogface To The Banana Patch?

Then again, there are toys that I'm glad my parents never got me...


You know, I can just picture the meeting deep inside the bowels of Kenner HQ...

JONES: Sir, there's a problem with our new doll, Nice Nancy!!

SMITH: What's the problem, Jones?

JONES: Well, we gave her a voicebox, just like you wanted...but someone screwed up!! Half the time, she just strings random nonsense phrases together! We'll have to junk the entire run!!

SMITH: Not so fast, Jones, I'm having a brainstorm. Hmmm....It's not a bug, it's a design feature!! We market the doll as if we deliberately wanted her to talk nonsense!!

JONES: You're a genius, sir!!

Ad from Mod Wheels #15 (1975).


Nancy said...

Wow. But you know there was no way that a Nice Nancy doll was going to work, even had it been planned, right?

SallyP said...

Well I had a Chatty Cathy (which I loved) but I don't remember this one.