Friday, March 2, 2012

All Crime Is Your Fault, And The Economy Is Your Responsibility

The first issue of Dell's adaptation of Target: The Corruptors (a.k.a. Four Color #1306) featured some crime-stopping tips inside the front cover:

Why, flattery will get you everywhere, 15¢ comic book!!

Heavens, no!!

Thank you, various agencies. It's good to see my tax money at work. Why...


So, the value of our money and the health of the national economy depend on children being sure they're getting a fair price for what they buy??

So basically, the economic collapse was our own damn fault, because we willingly paid $3.99 for comic books that consisted of 50% splash pages and shrinking page counts.

Sorry about that, everyone. I didn't realize our entire economic system was depending on me, the "smart" buyer. With great power comes great responsibility, I guess. I'll try to do better next time...

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