Monday, March 12, 2012

Manic Monday--Seriously, This Post Will Be Cooler In A Few Months!! Honest!!


What? You can't read this post?

Well, you see, the post is in Slay Monstrobot's propietary new Slay Monstrobot AR format! (No relation whatsoever to Marvel's new, and frankly inferior, AR format)

AR stands for "Augmented Reality" (which just goes to show that tech people shouldn't be allowed to name things). Just use the new app (not yet available), point your phone or pad or magic glasses (exact technology still not defined) at special posts (which ones are not announced yet) and you'll receive "exclusive content" (which so far seems to consist of "trailers" for the comic you're already looking at in the form of "motion comics," but really, we promise that there will be all sorts of world-shattering stuff--it's not just some silly gimmick like QR code-readers that you'll get bored with and stop using after a couple of months and relegate to your very last phone screen with other long-forgotten apps that were cool until you realized they kinda weren't actually cool).

See, it's all part of Slay Monstrobot's new ReEvolution (do you see what we did there? We combined two different words into one nonsensical marketing term!! Completely unlike Marvel's, of course!)

AR proves that, even though we can't sucker people with 3D comics anymore, Slay Monstrobot will never give up trying to prove that gimmickry is more important than content!! I mean, we've gotta justify the salaries of our marketing departing somehow, right?

Coming soon: Slay Monstrobot Infinity!! (Yes, I know that has nothing to do with the actual definition of the word "infinite"--hey, marketing people, right?)


Martin Gray said...

That is AMAZING!

SallyP said...

You, sir...are a genius.

Anonymous said...

hi there im looking for matt alopton is he still posting here