Saturday, March 10, 2012

Doctor Doom Is Kind Of A Dumbass

As we saw in yesterday's Friday Night Fight (go vote!), Doctor Doom got the drop on Daredevil, and clobbered the crap out of him.

Why? Well, Doom got one of these plots to take out the Fantastic Four going on, and this plot involved...switching bodies with Daredevil so he can ambush the FF.

No, really--it could work!!

Anyway, Doom, now wearing Daredevil's body, is sauntering along. Now, there is something about Matt Murdock that you'd think someone would notice as they were occupying his body. One little detail...and, you'd think that someone of Von Doom's perspicacity would really quickly figure it out. But...

Oh, Victor...
Doom, Doom, can't even tell the guy is blind while you're walking around in his body?

What was that doctorate in again?

From Daredevil #38 (1968). And by the way, this story was continued in Fantastic Four #73. So, to all those who complain today about Daredevil stories crossing over into other titles...sorry, you're 45 years too late.


SallyP said...

I...I...oh come now!

Mitchell Craig said...

As we all know, Victor got expelled from college because he blew up his dorm room (as well as the moron he scammed into assisting him with his experiments).

Not to mention that he forfeited his damage deposit.

It's always the little things he overlooks, so NATURALLY he doesn't know he's hijacked a blind man's body.

Erich said...

In all fairness, Doom's verbosity boils down to "I can't see through this mask. It must be some kind of blindfold." Which is a much more reasonable immediate conclusion than "I can't see through this mask. I must be blind."

Of course, that's a more reasonable IMMEDIATE conclusion...the fact that he didn't figure it out eventually still qualifies him for "kind of a dumbass" status.