Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tales From The Quarter Bin--For Your Protection!

Found in the Quarter Bin yesterday:

Oh, the memories.

This is how the book appeared on the shelf when new, back in 1995: a white wrap-around prophylactic cover, warning us how potentially dangerous the real cover is.

Of course, there is absolutely nothing on the cover to indicate what comic it is, or even what company published it (the back cover is pure white). So this little sales gimmick meant you had to pick the book up of the shelf, and look inside at the "graphic" cover to even know what you might be passing up. To that extent, effective gimmick, I guess.

And inside, the real cover?

Oh, sweet and naive 1995. "Graphic nature"??? This would be just another panel in a 21st century Geoff Johns comic. And these days, we don't even get the benefit of a special cover warning us of gratuitously severed limbs.

Still, Paul Gulacy drew the hell out of that detached arm, right?

SPOILER ALERT: Gilad had the arm reattached. All better...

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SallyP said...

Oh...comics. I rather miss the days when this was considered shocking.