Monday, March 17, 2014

Manic Monday--Reviewing Science Fiction Comics With Booster And Beetle!

It's time for a mature, sophisticated look at the adventures of:

And what kind of spaced-based excitement do we have in store this month?

Oh, come on, Ted, be mature. It's the name of a planet, for heavens sake!

Anyway, there are these viscous space pirates, and...

You too, Booster? Come on, this is a perfectly serious story about crook who just happen to have a base on...well, let the commander say it:

*Snort* OK, "The raiders are operating from Uranus" is pretty funny, guys. But can we tone it down? Think of the kids. Just be mature for a few more panels!

All the excitement is at Uranus?!?!?! Bwahahahahaha

Ahem. You two are getting to me. Look, just one more panel, OK? Can we be grown-ups about this?

Bwahahahahahaha...Task Force Strong takes off for...hahahahahahahahahahaa!!

Look, I know this has all been stunningly immature. But if could have been much worse!! If this captioned change just a little bit... "the bowels of Uranus," well, we never would have gotten them to shut up!

From Tom Corbett, Space Cadet #2 (1955)

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SallyP said...

Oh God, I miss Booster and Beetle so much.