Monday, March 3, 2014

Manic Monday--Wither Central City

How nice to find another clue in my ridiculous fascination with DC Geography.

And this time goes far beyond a mere clue.

Central City/Keystone City has always been a bit problematical.

Pre-Crisis, they were in the same place, just different Earths. And DC more or less committed to it being in Ohio--a Flash story said it was in the same place as Akron, and an Ask The Answer Man also said Ohio. That's as canonical as you could get, in those days.

Post-Crisis, of course, both cities had to exist on the same Earth, and DC made them "twin" cities, connected by a bridge across a river. The exact location, though, was never really nailed down. It seemed to float around, from Florida (!), Missouri, Kansas, Illinois...there was no firm answer.

(If you ask me, it always felt like Kansas City/Kansas City to me...but what do I know?)

But we haven't had a clue in the nu52. Until now.

In last week's Flash #28, we get a flashback to the founding of Keystone City:

Now, even allowing for approximations and somewhat different geography in the nuDC Universe, that pretty much nails it as Kansas (with Nebraska and Oklahoma still being possible--but Oklahoma sure doesn't feel right, you know?).

So Smallville and Central City and Keystone City are in Kansas? There's stories there, people...

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Mista Whiskas said...

Hm, I always thought they were Minneapolis and St. Paul...