Monday, March 3, 2014

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Beware Of Talking Werebears!

Warning to all visitors to Jellystone Park: talking bears are dangerous, not cute!

We start with a dangerously specific lecture:

Speaking of anthropology, college kids are creeps, picking on poor Don because he's ugly:

But then they decide it would hilarious to go all Carrie on him, in a scene Stephen King stole and made more bloody:

Well, that's not going to end well in a horror comic, is it?

Of course, carnage results:

But Don is not just a werebear (bearwolf?)--nope, he's a talking bestial killer!

And now you know the true origin of Yogi Bear.

Please don't ask about Boo-Boo...

from Unseen #12 (1953)


OTL said...

So, putting on a bear costume means you go crazy?

Guess that explains the Nicolas Cage "Wicker Man" remake...

anonymous said...

Don Maynard? He wasn't a Bear... he was a Jet!