Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The True History Of Spider-Man?

It's "nearly a thousand years"in the future, and some acheologists have made an amazing find:

Ah, yes, the "garbled history as seen from the future" story. Always an excuse for fun, and sometimes even some pointed meta-jibes.

Hey, and it's Tom DeFalco's last issue, too. Let's see how he does on his way out!



"Five or six books published about his life every month..." Heh.

True dat!!

Of course, you can take it to the point of silliness...

And, perhaps most importantly:

What, no historians claim the marriage was erased by a deal with the Lord Of Evil?

Either the future is filled with dumb historians...or maybe One More Day got undone? One can only hope...

No, I won't let that go.

From Amazing Spider-Man #439 (1998)