Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Superman--"I'm Lovin' It"?!?

Product Placement In Comic Book, Example #21,456:

A huge alien beastie is running amok in Central City, and Superman has to stop him (while commenting on some unrelated food issues):

So, DC invents a fake (lawsuit avoiding?) McDonald's...but they still use McDonald's actual slogan and trademarked Golden Arches--for violence and bondage, no less--while dissing on the food!

Hmm, perhaps the corporate lawyers who sued 2000 AD to kill some food-satirizing Judge Dredd stories were asleep at the switch here...

From Superman #314 (1977)


Ed Encelewski said...

Not a fake McDonald's at all. We had a MacTavish in Easton PA in the late 60's

Ed Encelewski said...
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