Monday, February 17, 2014

Manic Monday--Amazing Prophecies From 1951!!

Hey, it's a space-filling feature page from Lars Of Mars #12 (1951):

Let's check on the accuracy of these prophecies from 63 years ago!

I don't think they know what some of these words actually mean.

Grade: FAIL! Although 2020 is coming, and by then we'll have a Sealab...

Grade: FAIL!


Unless, of course, I forgot to take my brain pills this morning, and so have forgotten this important bit of scientific progress.

Grade: FAIL!!

Rocket trains traveling over 1000 miles per hour? Undoubtedly cool, but either the "army authorities" never shared this technology, or it proved unfeasible, or it was hogwash. The fastest feasible speed for Japanese bullet trains is currently only 200mph (not 300 mph, The Wolverine Movie!!). Meanwhile, we in the U.S. are stuck with Amtrak.

Grade: FAIL!!

Hey, they finally got one!! Granted, solar hasn't "revolutionized all power sources now in use," but a non-trivial amount of our electricity and heating comes from solar, and that seems likely to grow higher in the not-too-distant future.

Grade: B!!

Well, 1 out of 5 ain't good in the prophecy department. I wouldn't use the guys to pick stocks or football games, is what I'm saying.

One more chance--let's check out a panel from a story later in the issue:

Ah, yes, using the moon to rain nuclear devastation upon our enemies!! No wonder President Bush wanted moon colonies!!

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