Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Night Fights--Who Watches The Watcher Die Style!

Yeah, yeah, Original Sin, Watcher dying...been there, done that.

Because for this week's Friday Night Fight, we're going to see a Watcher die.

Yes, Uatu. No, not our alternate universe's Uatu.

You see, in this reality, Reed, Ben ,Sue & Johnny all died when their rocket crashed...oops. Which means that when Galactus came a callin', there was no Fantastic Four to stop them. Which means that the Watcher had to turn to the Avengers. Which means that Alicia Masters wasn't around to sway the Silver Surfer's sympathies. And Iron Man failed miserably when Uatu sent him to fetch the Ultimate Nullifier.

Which basically means this Earth is frakked. And after dealing with the rest of the annoying Avengers, Galactus is about to squish Hercules:

Well, with no pawns left to bail out the Earth, guess who has to take action himself?


Spacebooger can't believe he ate the whole thing...

Titanic tale of an alternate timeline is from What If #41 (1992), as told by Jim Valentino (story/layouts) and Sam de la Rosa (finished art)

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why? Because it's difficult to fathom a bigger fight than a Galactus/Watcher tussle! So go and vote!!

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