Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Superman: Rufie Rings and Robot Brides!

Last week we saw Superman trying to deflect Lois' obsession with marrying him with the old "It would put you in jeopardy" chestnut, which was pretty immediately disproved when unmarried Lois was attacked anyway.

So Kal-El tries another, creepier tactic:

Ah, but that's a magical rufie ring!!


So when the real Lois eventually wakes up...

Too little, too late, Ms. Lane!

At no point in the story do we know whether Jimmy or the Justice Leaguers know that this is a fake wedding to a robot. Are they playing along with the super-dickery, or are they fooled too? Batman does look pretty bored by the whole affair...

No one can see or hear you, Lois...

At the Honeymoon Manor, Mr. And Mrs. Superman win a dance contest, and Lois gets the prize:

Worst. Prize. Ever.

Wait...Batman came on their honeymoon?!? That's....weird.

The real Lois has had enough!

But now that evryone can see her, the crooks who blew her up realize they've been tricked, and, in the coolest thing ever:

Best. Use. Of. A. Corpse. Ever.

Then comes the many panels of exposition!

Yeah, you had to, Kal...

But all that lying and chicanery prove meaningless, because:

Most. Dysfunctional. Relationship. Ever.

From Lois Lane #128 (1972)

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SallyP said...

That is wrong on...so many levels. Gosh but Superman really IS a jerk!

Of course Lois isn't too bright either.