Monday, February 17, 2014

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Dog Days For The Silver Surfer!!

You all know I hate the Inhumans, and generally despise the Silver Surfer.

So when Inhuman arrogance, the Surfer's superiority complex, and Black Bolt's inability to just write down his damned orders (and a noodge from Maximus The Mad) lead to a pitched battle between the residents of Atillan and the Sentinel Of The Spaceways, well, you know I'm hoping they'll both die in smoldering craters of hubris.

No such luck. But fortunately, we do find the one character who can stymie the Surfer:


Who? WHO?!?!

Hahahahahaha, Norrin Radd has been bested by a dog!!!

Man, I hope Dan Slott remembers this, and has Lockjaw come looking for revenge in the new Silver Surfer series!

From Silver Surfer #18 (1970)


SallyP said...

It would be fabulous if there were permanent toothmarks on the board.

googum said...

Aw, man, it's all slobbery...

Mythellaneousconjurings said...

Lockjaw was/is a great comic book character back in the day...He IS the Honeybadger of the Marvel Universe...Unfortunately, being a Jack Kirby creation, nobody but else could do the pup justice...
"Lockjaw don't give a #*!@. He just bit Galactus in the butt. He don't care. Run Galactus! RUN! Lockjaw is gonna get you..."