Monday, July 2, 2012

Thrill-O-Rama Monday #4--Bee-Man!!

Harvey was desperate to break into the "older" comic market.

And desperation results in printing any damned idea that you come up with, no matter how nuts. And few were nuttier than...

Bee-Man!! Or B-Man! Or The Bee! Or...well, you can see they had some difficulty making up their minds:

Otto Binder and Bill Draut created this charming fellow, and, well, he's got a seriously odd origin.

So, what is B-Man's origin? Well, I swear that I'm not making this up...Barry E. Eames (get it, get it?!?) was an embittered NASA tech, who managed to hijack a space probe returning from Mars, so he could get all those valuable (?) goodies for himself.

And what did the probe contain? Martian bees, of course!! They stung him, and gave him superpowers!! He escaped from authorities, and was kidnapped by the Martian Bees (!) back to Mars, where GIANT Martian bees told him of their plans to conquer Earth, and locked him up (but not before they gave him a nifty bee costume chock full of bee weaponry, for some reason).

Still not done yet...he escapes, returns to Earth...but he joined the Martian bees in trying to rule the Earth!! Because embittered scientist, right? But he's captured, and government shrinks "cure" him, so now he's a hero!! He goes to work for...and once again, I'm not kidding here...the F-Bee-I.

Yes, really.

Someone needs to reprint these. Someone needs to make B-Man part of the "Fourth Wave" of the nu52.

But despite back-up two series with heroes created by Jim Steranko (The Glowing Gladiator! The Magicmaster!!), Double Dare Adventures suffered the same fate as all of Harvey's Thriller line...a quick and ignoble cancellation.



Siskoid said...

Yes please!

Sina said...

I LOVE BEE-MAN!!! I think he's a coolly-designed character who could fit right in with only minor bits of tweaking in this day and age!

But why the *HELL* isn't his real first name "Buzz"? Sheesh, gotta come right out and state the obvious to some people sometimes :I