Monday, July 23, 2012

Manic Monday--Be Careful Of What You Brag About

Comic companies sure choose the weirdest things to boast about sometimes. For example:

Say what?!?

Yes, they're actually proud of having the first comic book that cost a dollar each month. "Yay, look at us, we're charging two and a half times what regular comics cost!!"

Of course, back in 1980, they gave you a lot of extra content for the extra coin. Today, you're going to pay four times that dollar, for a third of the story pages.

So, I guess they really did have something to boast about. You rock on, 1980 Detective Comics. You rock on...

House ad from April 1980 issues of DC

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Martin Gray said...

Oh boy, those first Dollar Comics were such a bargain, weren't they four times the comic for less than three times the price. 72 pages out of 80, if memory serves - though I think the proportions had shrunk by this time. Still ... And sigh.