Monday, July 2, 2012

Thrill-O-Rama Monday #1--The Man In Black!

Good old Harvey Comics, always trying to break out of the "kids comics" mold. Bless 'em.

In 1965, they tried again, launching the "Harvey Thriller" line. First out of the gate?

Thrill-O-Rama #1!!

Now, the "Man In Black" was a pre-existing character of theirs, from their short-lived 1950s horror line (Oh, Harvey, you're so cute when you try!). He was pretty much a Phantom Stranger/Tales Of The Mysterious Traveler type: more often than not just a narrating host for someone's ironic ending, and when he did participate, it with undefined and seemingly unlimited powers to smack down the occasional evil demon type.

Why the change from "The Man In Black" to "The MIB Called FATE"? Who knows...editor Joe Simon just probably liked that better. And who knows, maybe they were trying to poach the trademark on DC's Doctor Fate.

This issue was apparently just unused material left from MIB's own cancelled title back in 1958, and this was his last appearance, except for a couple of small backups in other Harvey mags. But there are some fascinating things on this cover.

First, the logo...

...looks like an evil alternative to the one on Casper et al:

I find that very, very amusing.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, the cover's caption introduces us to the Exciting Character Find Of 2012:

That's right...


I really have to find this comic someday, because I mean..HATE CUPIDS!!!!

Stay tuned all day for more Harvey Thrills!!!!

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Siskoid said...

Would that it WERE the character find of THIS YEAR, instead of relegated to the archives.

Man, somebody needs to pick up Harvey's heroes and do some INSANE comics with them.