Sunday, July 8, 2012

Romance Comics Are From Venus--He Needs A Nudge!!

Gals--is your beau being a bit slow on the uptake? Is he taking his sweet time taking the next step? Does it seem like...

Just remember--men are stupid. So you have to lead him to the next level, like leading a skittish horse into a new stall:

Another relationship guaranteed to last!!

From Hollywood Romances #59 (1971)


Siskoid said...

Hahaha! Got a good laugh from me this Sunday morning.

We really ARE dumb when it comes to emotional matters. Please, darling! Tell me how I feel!

This seems to me the reverse of the now-infamous Batman-Catwoman sex scene in the New52. Total female fantasy!*

*Of 50+ years ago

ShadowWing Tronix said...

You can overdo it, though.

EXHIBIT A: Lois Lane

EXHIBIT B: Carol Ferris.

Not sure which one was more pathetic back in the day.

Siskoid said...

Gender politics in superhero comics are...

Do I ever need to complete that sentence?