Sunday, July 22, 2012

Losing Weight The Barry Allen Way!

So The Flash is trapped in "limbo" outside the time-stream, held captive by the "Limbo Lord."

Barry tries to escape, but...

A drastic ploy??


But, if you zoom in, you can actually see the Flash "shooting off molecules":

And guess what--

It works!!

Now, never mind the fact that Barry had earlier declared that the "intangible time-stream" was "far beyond the laws of physics." It was well established in the Silver Age that the Flash could control every molecule of his body, and the laws of motion suggest that his plan is feasible (in a comic book sort of way).

But I've got some questions...

How many molecules did you shed, Barry? When you're done, are you noticeably lighter? Shorter? Holes in your uniform?

Could you do this back in the "real" world? Could you, for example, fire a stream of molecules out of your finger at a villain, like a gun?

And I know we're two reboots too late...but the idea of a bunch of Flash molecules floating round the time-stream unattended seems rife with story possibilities to me. A secret (non-Speed Force) origin for all of the speedsters throughout history? The true source of Professor Zoom's powers? Ending up in some muck somewhere and creating a "Bizarro" Flash?? Talk about missed opportunities...

And think of the money Barry could have made with his "shoot off your own molecules" weight loss clinics...

From Flash #284 (1980)

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Martin Gray said...

Hah, I remember that so clearly! It actually worried me at the time. One day someone will go back to it, just wait!