Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What If...Ma and Paw Kent Were Dickweeds?

I know my pal Siskoid dealt with this story earlier this year, but since I just found Adventure Into Fear #17 (1973) in the quarter bin, I do have to expand a tiny bit.

A scientist and his wife from the planet Dakkam are convinced that their sun is going to go nova [SPOILER ALERT: They were wrong!]. So they launch their infant child into space.
But here on Marvel Earth-616, things went a little bit differently:

D'oh!!! No kindly Kents in this universe!!

Then again, since we have yet to see even the tiniest glimpse of the Kents in the post-Flushpoint DC Universe, and we have yet to see much of nuSuperman as something other than a broody dingus, maybe the nu52 Kents were just as big a couple of dickweeds...

So what was satire in 1973 has become reality in 2011?? I report, you decide!!

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-3- said...

What if Ma and Pa(w) Kent Were Dickweeds?
Well, you'd have Pa Kent teaching Clark that nobody is worth risking himself over, not even those he loves most. And you'd have Ma Kent teaching him that despite all his power, he has no responsibility to use it to help others.

So you'd have the Superman we have now in the movies.