Monday, November 21, 2011

Manic Catch-Up Monday--What I Missed last Week Part 1!

So, in last week's Avengers Origins: Luke Cage #1, it's revealed that a bank guard was crippled in a heist Luke foolishly got himself involved in right after breaking out of prison.

And it turns out that Luke had been secretly giving most of the proceeds of his Hero For Hire business to the guard. But it was an awful lot of money, so the guy put a pretty good good chunk of it back into the (formerly) decaying neighborhood--with one very unexpected result:

Oh, man is this a can of worms!

First, who's their mascot?!? Are they the Cages? The Iron Fists? (Their defense becomes like unto a thing of iron!) Let's hope it's not the Heroes For Hire Heroes, because that would be lame. What about school colors? Fight song?!? Good gravy, we need to set an entire series at Heroes For Hire High RIGHT NOW!!!

Then again, that name might make them a magnet for super-villain attacks.

And does anybody donating money get a school named for him? If Magneto were looking for good publicity, could he throw a kazillion dollars at a broke school system to get Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants High (a magnet school, naturally)?

Furthermore, are there any other schools named after famous Marvel citizens? Man, there had better be a Benjamin J. Grimm Elementary School or three in New York City (And they had best be called The Things, and have orange as their school color, and have "It's Clobberin' Time" as the chorus of their fight song). And given that he was believed dead for a couple of decades, there have got to be dozens--nay, hundreds--of Captain America High Schools out there, right? (Odds are, there are no Speedball High Schools out there)

Lastly, Heroes For Hire was, essentially, a business--it generated enough money to refurbish neighborhoods and build schools, according to this story. Isn't naming a school after a business a bad precedent? Because while, yeah, good guys and all, what's really the difference between naming it Heroes For Hire High and Goldman Sachs High or High?

Then again, if it brings money into the school systems...Still, I'm just suggesting that they might have been better off naming it Luke Cage High School.

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