Monday, November 28, 2011

Manic Monday Bonus--Don't leave Home Without It!!

So it's 1942, and the only surgeon in the entire universe who can save Toro's life is a Japanese-American doctor, who just happens to be locked up in an internment camp.

So how does a teenager in a domino mask--who, even if people recognize him, believe he's in Europe--convinced hardened Army types to let him in?

Wow. A close-up, please!

Just in case you thought the Avengers ID cards were cool, brother, they ain't nothing compared to the Invaders badge!!

From Invaders #26 (1978). And hey, Marvel, where the hell are the Essential Invaders collections?!?


Siskoid said...

Question: Are there Invaders badges with lower priorities?

Martin Gray said...

Never mind the badge, look at that third panel - has Bucky been on the Gingold?

snell said...

Siskoid: "Are there Invaders badges with lower priorities?"

It's called the Liberty Legion.

Martin: "has Bucky been on the Gingold?"

No, he's been on the Frank Robbins.

Stephen said...

I had to look up "Gingold". Another vital piece of information that is going to crowd out me learning anything useful about quantum mechanics. That third panel...whew...I see by Buck's shadow that the hand displaying the badge is not meant to be some sort of inset. But short of being Dibnyfied he must be using a tesseract to twist around that way.