Sunday, November 20, 2011


Well, phew, that was some trip to 1981. Did I miss anything here in 2011 while I was gone?

Oh, dear, yes:

Look at the "bonus feature" DC gave us to justify charging us one dollar extra for Justice League #3.

All right, so Geoff Johns (who is credited with "writing" the "bonus feature") decided to waste one whole page--20% of the allotted 5 pages--on a particularly poorly designed book cover.

Fine, fine, so I'm whining. Surely it gets better, though, right?


Really, that's exactly what we needed, an exciting and stimulating facsimile of a book's library status. That adds so much depth and information to our understanding of the nuDC Justice League.

Seriously, don't you feel like you're reading a 10-page assignment from a student who decided to get cute and put on 3 title pages and used triple-spacing and an extra-large font to fill up the space? Except, of course, we're being charged extra money for this shallow bit of "contractual obligation."

I don't mind if DC wants to charge us extra for this magazine, as long as they give us something extra. But this has the rancid stench of Geoff Johns and "designer" Brian Walters saying, "This will be our highest selling comics, so let's charge them an extra dollar. This whole Flushpoint business was so rushed that we don't have our back-up features ready to go yet, but really, who cares, so we're only going to put 12 seconds into actually giving the reader anything for their money."

It's greedy and contemptible. DC Comics, you should be ashamed of yourself.


Gary said...

Have to agree with you, snell - this was a dreadful waste of extra pages. I wouldn't have minded if they'd printed five pages of readers' letters rather than this.

notintheface1 said...

Glad I'm not the only one ranting about this.

This was even worse than the 8-page Super-creator circle-jerk that we got charged an extra buck for in Action Comics#3.

Stephen said...

I have not gotten JL 3 yet. But from the issues of Superman, GL, Legion, AC, and the first two issues of JL...the new DC is just completely underwhelming to me so far.

Siskoid said...

Just another layer of Marvelization.